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Healing Results

Vita Biosa, a Danish herbal drink, achieves worldwide healing results in humans, animals and the environment.

Henry Salmannsperger is co-founder of NaturPur Publications in Canada. His Wellness-Oasis in Lower Bavaria, Germany, has become a renowned meeting place for all those who are interested in alternative medicine.

The remarkable healing success of Vita Biosa has inspired Henry to write this book. His aim is to help as many human beings as possible to achieve good health by means of the simplest natural foods.

Henry Salmannsperger writes: " What good is the best food, food supplement or medicine, if the nutrients cannot be absorbed? This fermented herb drink with lactic acid bacteria harmonises the intestinal flora and strengthens the immune system".

"A healthy intestinal flora ensures an optimal absorbtion of nutrients and protects the body. The selection of the herbs chosen has a beneficial influence on digestion and supplies the body with important antioxidants, which protect our cells against harmful oxidation and keeps them functioning properly. It also shows unbelievable healing results with such civilisation illnesses as cancer, diabetes, AIDS, high blood pressure, angina, ulcers, liver diseases, allergies or rheumatism that university trained medical professionals rub their eyes in disbelief."

Contents of the Book

Here is some of the information contained in the the book:-

Preface:- The Vision behind Biosa: "Why do apple blossoms adorn the Biosa Products?
Introduction:- taking direct responsibility for your health
Herbs :- the effect of various herbs in Vita Biosa
How to Use Vita Biosa
Effective Mechanism of Vita Biosa
Human Digestion
Recommended intake of Vita Biosa
Vita Biosa:- The same food aids Humans, Animals and Souls
The significance of Lactic Acid Bacteria for Human Health
Crohn's Disease
Multiple Sclerosis

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How to use Vita Biosa

Take it straight from the bottle like you would bitters, a shot of liqueur, or any other drink. Vita Biosa directly affects the intestinal mucosae and can be taken between or with meals.

Tip: If one is healthy and wants to remain that way, it is sufficient to take 10 ml of Vita Biosa three times daily, diluted in a large glass of filtered water (chlorine and fluoride free) or stll mineral water. Preferably, take it 20 minutes before meals.
The cap can be used as a measuring device - a capful is 10 ml.
If one is already suffering from exhaustion and/or illness, it makes sense to take diluted in water, 30 ml in the morning, 20 ml at noon, and 10 ml in the evening. In the case of a serious illness, it is recommeded, particularly at the onset, to increase the dose slowly to approximately 100 ml daily in order to give the body a strong boost.

External use: For information on the external use of Vita Biosa, purchase the Book (see link at bottom of this page)

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T.C. 47 years old

T. C. developed gout (arthritis) at the age of 30. All of his joints were affected. He was condemned to using a wheelchair and crutches. He suffered great pains and he was indescribably tired, both physically and psychologically. In May of 2001, T. C. began to take Vita Biosa. In a letter dated January 2002, he wrote that he had stopped taking any medication, both for his gout as well as for controlling the pain. He is able to walk without crutches. His strength has increased and he has started to go horse riding again. He has four sisters who now also take Vita Biosa.

T.S. born 3 February 2003

T.S. was born prematurely by about four weeks and had many problems during the first months of her life. At approximatley one year of age, she took Vita Biosa for the first time. At first, she received five drops per day mixed with a little water, after one month the quantity was increased to a teaspoon. In the meantime, T.S. has developed into a healthy, lively and strong child and handles all infections without problems.

There are many other encouraging testimonials in the Book.

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Testimonials from South African customers

27 September 2008

Dear Glenn,

I am really ashamed because of my inexcusable delay in thanking you for introducing me to Vita Biosa Aronia Organic Herbal Drink. It is unimaginable that one could suffer for such a long time whilst such a splendid cure for constipation is freely available. As I have mentioned to you, I often had to suffer for up to fourteen days at a time before being relieved. Most of these occurrences were combined with severe headaches.

I am thankful to inform you that after using just one bottle of this truly amazing drink, I am totally cured of both constipation and the accompanying headaches.

Thanks a million

Moreleta Park
Pretoria East


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